It was a good day #1


You can call it an epiphany or a revelation, but suddenly yesterday I realised that it’s such a treasured feeling to truly have a ‘good day’. Like when, from the moment you wake up to the minute you hit the sack, you felt nothing but just happy and good. Yesterday was one of those blessed days of my life. I was just in a happy mood all day long and somewhere mid-day it hit me, how rare it is to have a really really nice day. A day in which you didn’t have a care in the world. So I guess, what I’m trying to say here is that as you go through life you really start to appreciate the little things.

For Daughter’s Day, our mother gave us the best gift. She brought home a little female Lhasa-Apso pup. She is the cutest little thing in the whole wide world. We have named her coffee because she is all shades of brown. She has been with us for three weeks now, and everyone in the house adores her to bits. So basically yesterday morning also started, like all other mornings these days, with the sight of her adorable face. I played with her, and she chased me all around the house. Post which, I decided to pamper myself. So I put on a Neem mud pack and while it dried I gave my make up brushes a long over due and thorough clean.  In the afternoon I fixed myself a plate of food and while coffee had her afternoon nap, I watched a matinee movie on T.V. In the evening my sister came back home and we decided to step out for a walk. We bought some groceries and a bottle of wine. After returning home we made dinner. I cooked Red Thai Curry and my sister made rice to go along with it. As, Daniela Andrade played in the background, we sipped wine, chatted away and enjoyed a yummy meal. This is all I did on a lazy lovely Saturday. So all in all I can say, It was a very very good day.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday;

Miss Coffee and her oh so mischievous face.
Miss Coffee and her oh so mischievous face.
Neem - Tulsi Mud Pack from Fabindia.
Neem – Tulsi Mud Pack from Fabindia.
Prized possessions
Prized possessions
My idea of a post lunch dessert- Tea & cookies.
My idea of a post lunch dessert- Tea & cookies.
I call this - 'Dinner delish'
I call this – ‘Dinner delish’ Mentioned above is the link to Daniela’s Youtube channel, please go and give her a listen if you like acoustic and whimsical music. She seriously has a gifted voice. I find her music to be very soothing and romantic. My favourite songs by her are ‘Dark Coffee’ and ‘Don’t care’ .

Thanks for Reading 🙂


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