Favourite budget foundations


From Left to right :  Wake me up foundation - Rimmel London  Dream liquid mousse- Maybelline New York Colorstay foundation- Revlon Magic nude liquid powder- Loreal Paris
From Left to right :
Wake me up foundation – Rimmel London
Dream liquid mousse- Maybelline New York
Colorstay foundation- Revlon
Magic nude liquid powder- Loreal Paris


I really like this foundation by Rimmel London. I’m in the colour ‘400- Natural Beige’. You need the tiniest amount for the entire face. It contains tiny specs of shimmer in them which provide a lovely radiant glow when the product is nicely buffed into the skin. I personally prefer wearing this foundation for a night out because I don’t like wearing products on my face with shimmer in them during the day time. This foundation in particular looks gorgeous in dim light/yellow light.It claims that it provides an anti-fatigue effect and I couldn’t agree with it more. It really does uplift the skin and makes it appear more radiant, glossy, plump, dewy and more hydrated. Use either your clean fingers to apply the product or a buffing brush. Unfortunately this brand is yet not available in India but you can easily get your hands on this online on amazon.com or on feelunique.com

Pros : 

Within the price range of Rs. 800 – Rs. 1000.

Provides sun protection as it has SPF 15.

Gives medium to buildable coverage.

Gives a lovely dewy effect to the skin.

Comes with a pump, completely non messy.


Has a tendency to stick to dry patches and can sometimes make the skin appear blotchy.

Doesn’t work for blemish prone skin.


This is a brilliant foundation in this price bracket. I’m in the colour ‘Pure Beige, Medium 2’. If you are new to the world of make up and are just starting to wear foundations, then this will be a great buy for you. It gives a satin matte finish, which basically means that it appears very natural and skin like.  The key point to keep in mind while wearing this foundation is – the more you buff it into the skin the better it looks. The mousse-y texture applies beautifully with fingers. Just warm up the product first by rubbing it between your fingers and then apply onto your face. Two drops of this good stuff is more than enough for your entire face and neck. Maybelline being one of the most popular drugstore/ departmental store make up brands this product is widely distributed and available at all their counters.


Within the price range of Rs. 550- Rs. 650

Excellent for all skin types but especially for combination to oily skin.

A little goes a long way.

Provides a very natural and yet air brushed finish to the skin.

Medium to full coverage.

Blends very easily into the skin.

The pump comes with a lock mechanism which makes it leakage proof. Just twist the pump to the left to lock it.


Doesn’t have an SPF. Make sure you wear a moisturizer underneath it with an SPF.


This foundation is my latest purchase, I have worn it just about 3-4 times and what do I say, I’m already in freaking love with this little guy. It’s hands down the best foundation for the summer time.  Why did I not buy this earlier?? It comes in two formulations – normal to dry skin and combination to oily skin. I obviously picked up the combination to oily skin formulation. It’s basically a water based and completely matte finish foundation. I get very shiny on my T zone area during the summer months and whenever I wear any foundation/bb cream etc. on my skin, pretty much all of them enhance the shine and oiliness, but fortunately not this guy. It claims that it lasts for 24 hours on the skin. I don’t know about this though, I mean come on! who wears foundation for 24 hours on their face but still i would definitely agree that it’s pretty long wearing and absorbs really well into the skin and stays put. This product is easily available across all Revlon counters.


Within the price rand of Rs. 800 – Rs. 900.

Gives sun protection. Contains SPF 15.

Sheer to medium coverage but it is buildable.

Quick absorbing and long wearing.

Excellent for blemished skin, as it’s completely matte and non greasy.

Brilliant for long- hot- humid days.


Has to be quickly worked into the skin, otherwise can cling to the skin and appear patchy. Work it into one part of the face really nicely before moving to the other parts of the face.


This foundation has the most unique formula. So basically it’s a super liquid-y product but the moment you apply it to your face and start to blend it, it almost instantly turns into a powder finish- like a vanishing effect. It’s really interesting. I’m in the colour ‘328 Sun Beige’. I love wearing this foundation when I want my skin to look like it has nothing on it. It’s extremely light weight and non greasy. Absolutely Brilliant for an everyday-office wearing foundation. There is no need to dab any powder on top of this foundation as it anyway leaves a powder finish to the skin. So all in all a really non fuss, quick, easy breezy, one step base. This foundation is not so easily available on all Loreal counters, but you can easily find it online. It’s available on Nykaa.com


Within the range of Rs. 800- Rs. 900.

Gives sun protection, has SPF 18.

Super quick and fast absorbing product.

It’s light consistency provides a very breathable and non- heavy appeal to the skin.

Gives sheer coverage, I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who requires a lot of coverage from their foundation.


Doesn’t come with a pump and as the product is super thin, it can spill very easily.

I wouldn’t recommend it for very dry skin, it can make your skin appear even more dry as it provides a powder finish.

Hope this was some bit helpful for you guys.

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Winter Woes


My skin has been going bonkers this winter. My skin type is basically normal to oily, but ever since this winter has kicked in, I find myself reaching for all things creamy and hydrating through out the day, as if my skin feels thirsty after a few hours and I need to replenish the moisture level of my skin. I think i’m sounding crazy but I really feel that my skin might be going through some sort of a hormonal catastrophe I guess. hehehe!
Basically what I’m trying to get at is that I have had to switch out a few products in my skin care to deal with this dryness situation. Though these days I’m cribbing about how my skin feels dry all the time, I still don’t like products that leave a film of grease or oil on the skin. I like my body oils, creams, moisturisers etc. to be extremely hydrating but not too greasy and slippery. I like quick absorbing formulas way more than those that have a dense formulation.
1. My mom and my sister who unlike me have always had really dry skin switch to a body oil in winters from their regular moisturising lotion and I have never felt the need to do that. My mom recently bought the NUETROGENA BODY OIL- LIGHT SESAME FORMULA. As my regular moisturiser was just not able to help with the dryness I tried to give this a whirl, and guess what- I freaking loved it. It has the most pleasant scent of flowers. What I like about it the most is that it’s a lovely light formula, it gets absorbed into the the skin in a jiffy and it leaves your body smelling of flowers. Now who doesn’t like flowers?? So all in all a great product.
2. The skin on my face is particularly moody and it has a mind of its own. I don’t put a lot on my skin because my skin is hyper sensitive and the moment I switch out my products my skin’s peace goes for a toss. I have been applying the CETAPHIL MOISTURISING CREAM. I even use this on my clients when I do their make up. It’s super mild, fragrance- free, non comedogenic( in simpler language- it doesn’t clog the pores) and is highly moisturising. When my skin goes ‘cray’ this is the first thing I reach out for. If you too suffer from sensitive skin and can’t afford a really expensive/ high end face cream trust me and give this baby a shot. You will thank me!
3. Once I put on my make up for the day I obviously can’t keep putting moisturiser on top of it. So to re hydrate my skin during the day I spritz on some PURE VETIVER WATER BY KAMA AYURVEDA. It lightly hydrates the skin but again doesn’t make the skin appear shiny or greasy. It calms the skin and has the most relaxing scent in the world. I don’t know how to describe it but all I can say is that it sort of smells like a very expensive spa. It contains certain notes of rose and sandalwood, jeez I love it. It’s climbing the charts in my favourites list.
4. For my lips I have been enjoying the KOKUM BUTTER & HONEY LIP BALM BY FOREST ESSENTIALS. It immediately takes care of my dry lips and is not very pasty in texture, which I love. 🙂 It’s good stuff!
5. For my feet I have been using the MOISTURE THERAPY HEEL CREAM BY VASELINE. It pretty much does what a good foot cream should do. I don’t like applying foot creams during the day for the same reason, I don’t like feeling greasy and sticky. I slather lots of it on before going to bed and as I take my beauty sleep it works its magic on my feet. Makes them soft and crack-free.
6. Last but not the least, for my hands I have been using an oldie but a goodie, the JOHNSON’S BABY LOTION BY JOHNSON & JOHNSON. I like its watery consistency. It makes my hands all soft and supple and quickly absorbs into the skin and of course who doesn’t like the classic baby scent of Johnson’s baby products.
This is how I have been dealing with my skin’s winter woes. Hope it will help you in some way deal with yours.
1. Nuetrogena, body oil- light sesame formula 2. Cetaphil, moisturising cream 3. Kama Ayurveda, pure vetiver water 4. Forest Essentials, kokum butter & honey lip balm 5. Vaseline, moisture therapy heel cream 6. Johnson & Johnson, baby lotion
1. Nuetrogena, body oil- light sesame formula
2. Cetaphil, moisturising cream
3. Kama Ayurveda, pure vetiver water
4. Forest Essentials, kokum butter & honey lip balm
5. Vaseline, moisture therapy heel cream
6. Johnson & Johnson, baby lotion

1. Nuetrogena, body oil- light sesame formula 
2. Cetaphil, moisturising cream
3. Kama Ayurveda, pure vetiver water
4. Forest Essentials, kokum butter & honey lip balm
5. Vaseline, moisture therapy heel cream
6. Johnson & Johnson, baby lotion 
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Happy hair care routine :)


Me and my locks are the happiest during the cold months of the year. I could describe my hair as fine/ straight/ mid-length/ a tad bit oily and sometimes moody. You may feel I don’t like my hair much given the description but that’s not the case. I’m pretty ok with my hair actually, though sometimes I like to crib about them like all other girls ( guilty :p ). When it comes to hair care, I tend to be a little careless compared to maybe my skin care routine. I like to keep my hair care routine pretty simple and easy. I have a super oily scalp because of which I end up washing my hair at least 3-4 times in a week during summer and about 2-3 times in a week during winter.

I follow a pattern when it comes to getting my hair cut/ trimmed. Come every season change, it’s time for a trim – also a good way to remember when it’s due. I don’t experiment with my hair much; I stick to a basic trim just to clean up the ends. My past experiences have taught me not to experiment much with my hair (it has always turned out to be a disaster. Maybe I will share few pictures with you all on a day I am feeling brave- haha)

Here is a picture of the hair care products I’m currently using and enjoying 🙂 

1. Tangle teaser hair brush- Denman 2. Wide tooth comb - Any beauty supply store 3. Anti breakage strengthening shampoo - Clairol Herbal essences 4. Strengthening serum - Garnier Fructis  5. Iron finish techni art - L'oreal 6. Intense smoothing mask - Matrix
1. Tangle teaser hair brush- Denman
2. Wide tooth comb – Any beauty supply store
3. Anti breakage strengthening shampoo – Clairol Herbal essences
4. Strengthening serum – Garnier Fructis
5. Iron finish techni art  leave-in conditioner – L’oreal
6. Intense smoothing mask – Matrix


> Wash your hair as less as possible.

> Always de-tangle your hair before you step under the shower. Dry hair is a lot stronger than wet hair. Don’t comb your hair immediately after the shower; let them air dry first.

> Never skip the conditioner – hair feel thirsty too. Shampooing strips your hair and scalp of its moisture; conditioner helps retain the moisture level. If you have an extremely oily scalp -much like me – skip applying conditioner on the scalp. You can apply it just on the length of the hair.

> Use a pea-sized amount of serum on the ends of your hair to smoothen them out once your hair is towel dried. If you plan to use any hot tools on your hair, do it only after your hair is semi dry and make sure to use either a heat protector spray or some leave-in conditioner first. (I use the L’Oreal Iron finish leave-in conditioner – does wonders for me).

> Use a tangle teaser or a wide-mouthed comb before you use a regular comb or a paddle brush to de-tangle your hair. If your hair is really knotty like mine, I would recommend investing in a tangle teaser (trust me you will thank me for introducing you to this wonder hair brush). Always start combing your hair from the ends to the roots. This way you don’t end up tugging your hair which causes breakage.

> Last but not the least, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. This will help your hair look shiny and lovely. Let’s face it ladies – we abhor bad hair days.


Tangle teaser – 


Wide tooth comb – 


Anti breakage strengthening shampoo, Clairol Herbal essences – 


Strengthening serum, Garnier fructis – 


Iron finish techni art leave-in conditioner, L’oreal – 


Intense smoothing mask, Matrix – 


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