Here comes the bride :)


Being a make up artist by profession I often get the opportunity to prep & dress brides for their special day. The other day this got me thinking about how blessed I am. I’m in a profession where I get to contribute a little something in someone’s big day. The look that I see on the bride’s face as I finish her make up and she puts on her jewellery and gets into her wedding day outfit and finally looks at herself in the mirror, that moment is the most gratifying moment in my line of work. The sheer glow that comes from the happiness on her face says it all!

I recently did make up for my client Shradha Jain for her wedding day, she truly made the prettiest bride. So I thought that why don’t l do a blog entry de-coding the look that I did on her. So here is a full list of the products I used to achieve this lovely feline look for Shradha;


GROUNDWORK paint pot – M.A.C (Eye base)

COCOA BEAR eyeshadow- Makeup Geek + CARBON eyeshadow – M.A.C (In the crease)

CARBON eyeshadow + HUMID eyeshadow – M.A.C (Outer corner)

AMBER LIGHTS eyeshadow – M.A.C (Inner corner)

PEARL REFLECT glitter – M.A.C (centre of the lid)

BLACKTRACK gel eyeliner – M.A.C (from inner corner to outer, extending into a wing)

BLACK EYECONIC kohl pencil – Lakme (on the whole waterline)

VANILLA pigment – M.A.C (browbone highlight)

#53 LASHESUroparis 

MYSTERY eyeshadow + CLEAR BROW GEL M.A.C (to groom the brows)



PURE VETIVER WATERKama Ayurveda (used before make up for prepping the skin for make up and also after to set everything and hydrate the skin)

FS28 SUPRA BASEKryolan (full face foundation)

PURE ORANGE & NC 42 studio fix concealer- M.A.C (spot correction)

PREP & PRIME LOOSE POWDER – M.A.C (setting powder)

HOOLA BRONZERBenefit (used for sculpting and contouring the face)

DESERT ROSE + MARGIN blush – M.A.C (Blush on the cheeks)

VANILLA PIGMENTM.A.C (used to highlight the cheekbones and bridge of the nose)


REDD lip pencil – M.A.C (used to define the lips and to add a light stain)

VEGAS VOLT lipstick – M.A.C (2 coats of it all over the lips)

Here are a few pictures of Shradha all dressed up as a gorgeous, royal Indian bride.


Before & after
Before & after




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Winter Woes


My skin has been going bonkers this winter. My skin type is basically normal to oily, but ever since this winter has kicked in, I find myself reaching for all things creamy and hydrating through out the day, as if my skin feels thirsty after a few hours and I need to replenish the moisture level of my skin. I think i’m sounding crazy but I really feel that my skin might be going through some sort of a hormonal catastrophe I guess. hehehe!
Basically what I’m trying to get at is that I have had to switch out a few products in my skin care to deal with this dryness situation. Though these days I’m cribbing about how my skin feels dry all the time, I still don’t like products that leave a film of grease or oil on the skin. I like my body oils, creams, moisturisers etc. to be extremely hydrating but not too greasy and slippery. I like quick absorbing formulas way more than those that have a dense formulation.
1. My mom and my sister who unlike me have always had really dry skin switch to a body oil in winters from their regular moisturising lotion and I have never felt the need to do that. My mom recently bought the NUETROGENA BODY OIL- LIGHT SESAME FORMULA. As my regular moisturiser was just not able to help with the dryness I tried to give this a whirl, and guess what- I freaking loved it. It has the most pleasant scent of flowers. What I like about it the most is that it’s a lovely light formula, it gets absorbed into the the skin in a jiffy and it leaves your body smelling of flowers. Now who doesn’t like flowers?? So all in all a great product.
2. The skin on my face is particularly moody and it has a mind of its own. I don’t put a lot on my skin because my skin is hyper sensitive and the moment I switch out my products my skin’s peace goes for a toss. I have been applying the CETAPHIL MOISTURISING CREAM. I even use this on my clients when I do their make up. It’s super mild, fragrance- free, non comedogenic( in simpler language- it doesn’t clog the pores) and is highly moisturising. When my skin goes ‘cray’ this is the first thing I reach out for. If you too suffer from sensitive skin and can’t afford a really expensive/ high end face cream trust me and give this baby a shot. You will thank me!
3. Once I put on my make up for the day I obviously can’t keep putting moisturiser on top of it. So to re hydrate my skin during the day I spritz on some PURE VETIVER WATER BY KAMA AYURVEDA. It lightly hydrates the skin but again doesn’t make the skin appear shiny or greasy. It calms the skin and has the most relaxing scent in the world. I don’t know how to describe it but all I can say is that it sort of smells like a very expensive spa. It contains certain notes of rose and sandalwood, jeez I love it. It’s climbing the charts in my favourites list.
4. For my lips I have been enjoying the KOKUM BUTTER & HONEY LIP BALM BY FOREST ESSENTIALS. It immediately takes care of my dry lips and is not very pasty in texture, which I love. 🙂 It’s good stuff!
5. For my feet I have been using the MOISTURE THERAPY HEEL CREAM BY VASELINE. It pretty much does what a good foot cream should do. I don’t like applying foot creams during the day for the same reason, I don’t like feeling greasy and sticky. I slather lots of it on before going to bed and as I take my beauty sleep it works its magic on my feet. Makes them soft and crack-free.
6. Last but not the least, for my hands I have been using an oldie but a goodie, the JOHNSON’S BABY LOTION BY JOHNSON & JOHNSON. I like its watery consistency. It makes my hands all soft and supple and quickly absorbs into the skin and of course who doesn’t like the classic baby scent of Johnson’s baby products.
This is how I have been dealing with my skin’s winter woes. Hope it will help you in some way deal with yours.
1. Nuetrogena, body oil- light sesame formula 2. Cetaphil, moisturising cream 3. Kama Ayurveda, pure vetiver water 4. Forest Essentials, kokum butter & honey lip balm 5. Vaseline, moisture therapy heel cream 6. Johnson & Johnson, baby lotion
1. Nuetrogena, body oil- light sesame formula
2. Cetaphil, moisturising cream
3. Kama Ayurveda, pure vetiver water
4. Forest Essentials, kokum butter & honey lip balm
5. Vaseline, moisture therapy heel cream
6. Johnson & Johnson, baby lotion

1. Nuetrogena, body oil- light sesame formula 
2. Cetaphil, moisturising cream
3. Kama Ayurveda, pure vetiver water
4. Forest Essentials, kokum butter & honey lip balm
5. Vaseline, moisture therapy heel cream
6. Johnson & Johnson, baby lotion 
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